South South Platform: knowledge beyond boundaries

The UNFPA-LACRO South-South Cooperation Platform (SSCP) is an easy-to-use digital tool,aimed at trengthening horizontal collaboration among peers.

This Platform is a demand-driven source of solutions, committed to show results and to enhance mutual accountability, and it is built on identified needs or demands and on the other hand, based on the best practices, evidence-based and proven results; both the local dimension, as well as in the national dimension.

Having identified the matches, the users may be able to interact directly with the knowledge holders, in a virtual meeting point; a space designed to create forum of discussions, organized the missions, elaborate projects and budgets associated to the knowledge sharing, and much more.

The SSCP strengthens regional capacity and enhances regional partnerships; it also allows Governments to identify the Know How, the knowledge and the resources available in real time. The Platform seeks to create opportunities for mutual learning, based on the principles of national ownership, respect for sovereignty and equality among partners.